It all started in 2001 when I was gifted The Blueprint by Jay Z. I became obsessed with learning the words, cadence and melody of any hip hop track I could get my hands on. My place in music was as a fan that is until 2012 when I joined Sono Entertainment and Recording Studios as an intern. The studio owners and my mentors Dolo & Sweets taught me much of what I currently know about writing, rapping and mixing. Since then I have written hundreds of songs from hard hitting hip hop tracks to emotional ballads to pop melodies; these songs aren’t always for myself either, I have also been writing for other artists. Last year I placed in the top ten of Connecticut’s Got Talent with my crowd favorite song Daylight. My talents in the studio don’t stop at music, however, I also runs The Time Off Podcast where I interviews guests about how they spend their time outside of their 9-5 jobs. You can find more about the podcast here

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